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Could your lawn use some tender loving care? Call the lawn care specialists at All About Sod. We prepare your yard and lay sod on residential and commercial properties year around.

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Whether you want to grow in your lawn from seed, install sod do repairs after a construction project, our team will give you the thriving lawn you’re looking for.  

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Start with Eliminator

After all vegetation has been sprayed and killed, our first step in preparing the soil in your yard is to use an 'eliminator' attachment to our bobcat to break up the existing soil for sod installation. The eliminator attachment tills your yard as well.

Next We Go Over Everything With a Landscape Rake

Next we would go over everything with a hydraulic landscape rake.  This attachment rakes up rocks and stick debris into a bucket as well as tills the top 3 inches of soil. It also levels the soil in preparation for sod installation.

For Smaller Areas

For smaller areas we use our compact skidsteer with a Rota Dairon attachments. We use hand tools for areas too small for any of our equipment to maneuver in.